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Aesthetic Homes: Five Outdated Home Trends to Get Rid of This Year!

“Our homes should inspire us to go out into the world to do great things and then welcome us back for refreshment” –Melissa Michaels.

Home decor and design has always been an integral aspect in injecting personality and character into our homes. 

So much so, that it is in fact, recommended that we consistently update the styles we incorporate into our homes each year. Not only would it give our home’s interiors a fresh new feel, but it would also make us more receptive to coming home. After all, new and fresh surroundings always inspire change—and by extension, motivate us to relax in the comforts of our very own home. Today, as we anticipate the changes we are yet to see this 2018, it is best if we took stock of the top trends in the past years. In this regard, we can then determine which of these styles are no longer applicable in today’s contemporary setting and which ones would stay relevant. Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to reassess and reevaluate some of the home design choices we have made in the past. 

In any case, whether you are updating your condo in Metro Manila or are looking for ways to give your homes that extra TLC, here are some trends that you should definitely purge your homes from this year: 
Fast Furniture 

Much like fast fashion, fast furniture refers to the mass produced and much cheaper of what is currently trendy. They are essentially inexpensive and factory-made and in a few months or so, you would most probably toss it—make it a season if it lasts you that long. More often than not, this type of furniture provides a unique avenue for short-term renters to pepper their homes with furniture that look just like the ones they see on trend sans the quality and expensive price tag. On rentals, this can be a good option. Unfortunately, these cheap counterparts tend to make residential homes look unsophisticated. Sure, it is a great way to save money but utilizing it makes it seem like you regarded your homes as an afterthought. 

Nautical Motifs 

At some point in time, anchors, sailor’s ropes and seashells the like have been all the rage. But unless you are decorating your beach home, your home’s interiors would fare better without it. However, if the beach vibe is what you are aiming for, there are excellent alternatives to do it without looking too cheesy and cheap. Simply pick a color palette that is inspired by your beautiful surroundings. Alternatively, you can include beachy elements without it being too in your face such as coral and driftwood. 

Edison Bulbs 

Let us make this clear: While Edison bulbs give interiors that warm and cozy ambiance, they belong better in coffee shops than home interiors. Exposed lighting never looked good in any homes and it would only make your interiors look like it is unfinished. Ditch them and opt for the standard lighting lamps instead. 

Tufted Headboards 

They were all the rage…in the 1800s probably. Sure, tufted furniture gives your room a bit more dimension and certainly makes it look a lot more elegant. However, it also makes it look dated. It no longer grants you that luxurious prestige of owning an elegant bedroom and it definitely does not make it look glam. Instead, it gives your room that stuffy feeling. If you insist on a statement headboard, opt for something that actually makes a statement instead of one that kind of blends in with your mattress. 

Tuscan Kitchens 

Tuscan kitchens are great for people who wish to inject a bit of rustic feel into their homes. Moreover, this style was reminiscent of antique but elegant homes. Sure, back in the day we saw their appeal. However, a contemporary kitchen should instead center its focus on creating an airy and light place to cook—rather than aim to be an Italian’s pizzeria in Sicily. 

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