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Preventing Car Accidents: 3 Tips For Young Drivers

There's no doubt that this is an exciting time, but - like your parents have probably warned you already - driving comes with great responsibility.

If you're a teenager who has finally received his or her driver's license, you're probably feeling quite the adrenaline rush. After all, having a car and valid proof that you can operate one is the ultimate symbol of young freedom. No more relying on mom or dad to take you to your friend's house, the mall, or even to your soccer game. There's no doubt that this is an exciting time, but – like your parents have probably warned you already – driving comes with great responsibility.

Unfortunately, you can never be too careful behind the wheel. It's in your best interest to avoid any personal injury while driving. Before you grab the car keys, it's important to know the facts. Getting into a car as a young and inexperienced driver can result in personal injury or an accident. As a matter of fact, Teen Driver Source states that most teenage car accidents are not caused by aggressive driving or thrill-seeking; rather, a car accident caused within this age group is more likely a result of inexperience.

To drive safe and prevent personal injury while traveling, it's a good idea to brush up on safety measures. Here are just a few.

Put that phone down.

This seems simple, yet extraordinarily difficult considering many of us are constantly glued to our cell phones. However, if you're trying to avoid personal injury, it's in your best interest to save that text until you get to your designated location. Your friend or family member can most likely wait fifteen minutes to receive your wittiest and most appropriate emoji reaction, after all. Texting and driving is a surefire way to promote personal injury, which has never benefited anyone. It's also a form of distracted driving, which is a huge risk for teenagers and adults under the age of 20. As a matter of fact, CDC states that drivers under this age have the highest proportion of distraction-related crashes which have fatal outcomes. 

Never drive under the influence.

If you have access to alcohol or drugs (even if it's your own prescribed medication that makes you drowsy), it's time to face reality. Driving under the influence has fatal consequences, even if you think you're simply "buzzed" or okay to drive. According to Fathers Against Drunk Driving, there have been 250,000 fatalities in the past 10 years as a result of drunk driving. To put these numbers into more approachable statistics, that's about 500 people a week who have died in a car accident because he or she was under the influence. If that's not enough to scare you, then here's a bit more: for young Americans between the ages of 16 and 24, alcohol-related crashes are the leading cause of death. Your parents would much rather pick you up and find out you had been drinking than discover that you went through the risk of hurting yourself or someone else while on the road! 

By the way, DUIs are no joke. They're expensive and you can risk jail time, too. Put that on top of the guilt you'll feel if you've injured someone, and you're in for a really bad time. 

Practice safe driving with an experienced driver.

Whenever you get the chance, definitely welcome supervised driving. It might seem like a pain now – especially since you finally have that feeling of independence – but later down the road when you're accident-free, you'll thank yourself for your willingness to learn. Driving can be full of unexpected surprises, and when a more experienced driver can point out multiple scenarios in real time – as well as how to handle them – you'll be much better prepared for the next time. 

As a new driver, just remember that you won't know everything while you're behind the wheel. Preventing personal injury is a very good idea while driving. The three suggestions listed above will provide you with a much safer driving experience than if you were to do nothing. Driving can be tricky for the inexperienced since there are many different scenarios and outcomes to each one that can differ depending on the circumstance. Always proceed with caution while driving, because you'll want to avoid any personal injury that you can. In the meantime, however, enjoy your travels and drive safe!

Christopher is an author and blogger who is passionate about educating and encouraging his local community while working with the Bryan Garrett Personal Injury Law Firm in Oklahoma City.

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