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Home Design 101: Five Secrets to the Latest Styles

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” -Nate Berkus 

A good interior design is a combination of a myriad of elements that would result in a cohesive and harmonious look. The culmination of such would effectively make any room look svelte, comfortable and well-thought of. However, one might think that such sophisticated design would only be accomplished by a professional who has done years and years of interior design work. Well, the truth is, almost anyone can achieve it, but it would take a lot of planning and appropriate coordination to make sure each element fits with each other seamlessly. From the paint color, furniture down to the accessories, all these must form a balanced design.

Licensed interior designers and home decorators possess a unique eye for design and a particular expertise to see all these elements come into harmony in one single room. As a result, they end up with a beautiful and effortless design. However, it does not take years and years of study just to create an exquisite living space that you can truly be proud of. All it needs is your constant dedication and a touch of creativity to accomplish a seamless design. Whether you are planning to redecorate your Makati condo, or are simply looking for design inspiration, knowing a few designing tips could very well assist you. If you want to be privy to some interior designer and home decorator secrets to the latest styles, read on below: 

1.) Do not overcrowd

Stuffing too many types of furniture in one area can make a room instantly look smaller than it is. Consequently, it would also make any person feel overwhelmed with too much design elements going on, so be cautious to not overcrowd a room. There are a lot of aspects of design such as utilities and furniture, but plan carefully and choose only the items that would complement each other and in effect, make a seamless design. Do not make more purchases than necessary as you will not only be wasting money but valuable space as well. 

2.) Choose a color scheme or a theme

A good interior designer would know that a well-designed room would have a unifying theme to tie all the elements together. If you do not want to go with a theme, then choose a color scheme that would make all the design elements flow together seamlessly. To select an appropriate color, it would be wise to utilize the psychology of color and choose the ones that would impact your mood appropriately. Personal preference could be a factor, but be careful not to use incredibly bright colors in relaxing spaces such as neon and overbright colors in living areas. For a more relaxed and comfortable ambiance, utilize pastel and neutral colors instead. 

3.) Wait to choose your paint color

Buying furniture should always come before choosing your paint color—even if you have already selected a color scheme of the room. This is to ensure that the décor items apart from the furniture would match with the paint you choose. Remember, you have to consider every aspect of the space from the upholstery, lightings and other accessories—each and everyone of these should complement each other. Any mismatch would ruin the design and an imbalanced ambiance. 

4.) Add extra light with mirrors

Lighting plays a pivotal role in the design aspect of a room. However, some rooms do not reflect light quite as great as the others. To illuminate a room better, a good trick to use is to strategically place mirrors throughout the room. A great place to start is to place mirrors right across a window to make light reflect all around the space. Apart from reflecting light, mirrors can also be a unique and gorgeous decorative element. 

5.) Do not keep furniture against the wall

Many of us tend to push furniture up against a wall under the mistaken notion that this would create more space in the room. On the contrary, however, it makes a room look incredibly stuffed and uninspired. Interior designers would assert that placing furniture away from walls can actually give the room an illusion of more space. Furthermore, it creates a cozy atmosphere that is ideal for comfort and relaxation at any time of the day. 

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