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When Should You Replace Your Car Door Lock Cylinder?

Car door lock cylinders are similar to many other lock cylinders. They consist of a metal tubular shape that allows the proper key to actuate the physical latches that keep the car door secure. There are several indicators that may mean your car door needs a cylinder replacement. However, many of the potential indicators may stem from a variety of sources. Therefore, it is important to know how identify the issue, and also how you can troubleshoot it if necessary.

When the Key Doesn’t Turn in the Car Door

In the case of keys not turning when inserted into the car door, it has to be determined whether the issue is with the key, or the door itself, since both devices experience wear and tear. In order to figure this out, a spare key can be used; should the second key work, the issue is more than likely the old key. A local locksmith can make you a new key; they will only need the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to your vehicle. If it does not turn in the door, however, a door cylinder replacement is required. It is wise to use this key on all doors and the trunk, since more than one cylinder may need replacing.

Your Ignition Cylinder was Replaced

Often times, when car owners have their ignitions replaced, the technician does not rekey the new cylinder. As a result, two keys are required to operate the vehicle: one to open the doors, and one to start the ignition. To remedy this issue, many owners use their key fob, rather than the second key, to open their doors; however, if the battery to the fob is lost or damaged, many are forced to use the cumbersome second key. Rather than experience this issue on a daily basis, it is wiser to have your door cylinders replaced, so that only one key is necessary to access the vehicle completely.

Missing Keys

Consider the following scenario: you have lost your keys while out in the world, but you have no idea where you may have left them. For the sake of security, it may be best to replace the door lock cylinders to prevent your car from unauthorized access. You may also consider replacing the ignition cylinder as well as an extra precaution.

Decreased Functionality

At times, a lock may not be completely broken, but it may function less than perfectly. For instance, electronic locks may not engage when the key is inserted and turned, resulting in someone having to lock all doors manually. In other cases, the key may stick in the lock. Both of these issues are red flags that will need to be resolved soon to avoid eventually being locked out, or having the key break off in the door lock.

Car door lock cylinder replacements should be treated with the same level of urgency as other major car maintenance jobs. These cylinders have the potential to wear out, like any other part of a car. If you think you need a replacement door lock cylinder, avoid waiting on the issue. Employing some simple troubleshooting methods can prevent more damage later on; do not hesitate to ask a professional to mediate the issue as soon as possible. 

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