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Pro Packing Tips for Any Vacation

Packing always seems to be the worst part of going on vacation. Spending all that time figuring out what you want to bring with you only to find out that it doesn't fit into your bag. Back to square one. Here are some helpful tips to make your packing experience a little better!
Make a List
Starting out by writing a list is the best way to keep yourself from over packing. A lot of people tend to pack way too much and it takes up space in your bag for no reason. By writing out a list you can avoid cluttering your luggage, and determine if you need everything you were initially packing.
Make Use of Your Carry On
Your carry on is a super useful asset when you are packing. It is always a good idea to pack a full set of clothing in your carry on. You never know if your luggage will get lost or delayed, so preparing for the worst is the best option. You don’t want a lost bag to get in the way of having an awesome vacation. Packing in your carry on is also a great way to a great way to lighten the load in your luggage
Smart Clothing Choices
One of the best way to pack smart is to make good clothing choices. By choosing clothes that can be mixed and matched you are able to get more use out of each garment, and save room in your bag. Packing genes and neutral tops that go with everything are good choices. Shoes tend to take up the most space, so packing shoes that are versatile is a great choice as well.  
Use ALL of Your Space
There is always more space than you think. When you start packing start from the back and move forward so you are using all of your luggage space. Stuffing your shoes is also a smart use of space. A lot of times luggage has pockets on the front and sides as well. If you use those pocket for smaller items that can be an awesome use of space.
Roll it up
Rolling your clothes is an awesome way to save space. It also keeps the creases out of your cloths. This is a technique that a lot of hikers and backpackers use all the time. It is the best way to get the most out of the little space you have. You can do it with any article of clothing, and it is easier than folding.
Tag Your Bag
Simple yet important. Adding a unique tag to the outside of your bag is a pro packing move. This gives you a clear way to pick your bag out from others, and if for some reason it gets lost you will be able to identify your unique tag. It is never a bad idea to add your name, address and phone number so you can ensure a safe return of your luggage.  
Hopefully these tips can make packing for your next vacation a little easier. Packing may be a pain but if you pack smart you can bring everything necessary and still have room to pack souvenirs on the way home! Consider these simple steps next time you are packing for vacation.

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