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Things You Should Know About Caravan Rollout Awning

You might have wanted to enjoy the outdoors of your caravan while having parked the motorhome somewhere. There is no harm in stretching out the awning and taking a break from driving for so long - in fact, it’s a great idea! However, the awning is no simple system which will always remain undamaged. If you have awning installed for the first time, then there are some important things you should know about the caravan rollout awning. Knowing these things will make it easier for you to use and maintain them. These things include rolling out the awning and closing it properly as well as the cleaning to ensure its durability is not impacted.

Opening and closing the rollout awning

Do not stretch or pull without any reason – first make sure that the knobs have been loosened properly. After the knobs have been loosened, release the plastic hatch for extending both the arms. This will allow you to set up and open the rollout awning without any hindrances. Repeat the procedure for both the awning arms. The direction lever at the top of the awning should be changed to open. Pull the awning strap with the rod and it will automatically fall into the right position and place. While adjusting the height of the awning, ensure that anything you do, is to be done on both sides. For closing the rollout awning, you can follow the similar procedure backwards.

However, caravan rollout awning need their own maintenance and servicing – after all, you wouldn’t want to find out that you have too many tears or a technical fault that is forcing you to keep the awning closed during the trip. For regular maintenance you need to be sure of cleanliness. Yes, cleaning the awning with a neutral liquid, can be of great help. However, another challenge is to scrape off any rust or corrosion that might have accumulated. Cleaning the rollout awning on a regular basis will ensure that it is durable and will last without any issues.

Knowing these things about the rollout awning are important – especially when you need to set up the awning or use it on a trip. The regular maintenance tips will help you ensure that the awning is protected from unnecessary damages and can last the harsh weathers. 

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