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Do Something New: Decorate Your Home

Are you bored and feeling dull with your place? It maybe already past half of the year but it’s never too late to add a few more decors in your unit in Senta, Makati City. With just a few clicks and searches on the Internet, you’ll see what you are looking for.

To give you some ideas on what you can do, here are the trendy designs for 2017:

Use of bright green

According to experts, this specific shade of green represents revitalization and refreshment. True enough, it makes the room brighter and lighter in the midst of the busy life you are into. Use bright green for your wall, curtains or any furniture at home.

Tropical prints are in!

Usually, designers are inspired from what was on runway shows, and one of the obvious is tropical print. From your wallpaper or sofa, clothing or painting, maybe a little bit of tropical will do your place better. One advice is if you have your sofa, you can complement it with a tropical-design pillow just like your plain dress with accessories.

Texture is the thing

Faux fur, mohair, and other elegant soft materials are dominating this year’s furniture’s surface. Enough with the super smooth and blank style, we need something that gives us extra feel and touch to our senses.

Check muted colors

Aside from they are quite trendy with the shades of lipsticks; nudes are also in for home design, as well as beige, pale gray, camel and blush pink. Moreover, gray and bronze give off a classic and classy style in your house. These colors are must-try’s!

Rock your place with raw white

As mentioned by the experts, “raw” whites (e.g. chalky, bone white) are about the beauty of imperfection, natural and organic look. Solid flat white lacks texture, but raw whites are something different for the better. Raw whites look unearthed and handmade, which complements this year’s trend for artisanal and hand-crafted goods.

Navy is for the book!

Instead of the usual black for accent, navy blue is the preferred alternative for this year. There are times that black makes the place smaller but it’s not with the same with navy blue. It also does well with other colors too.

Geometrics and shapes

Lines, geometric designs, and triangles – this is what it’s all about and letting your home get the vibes and looks of something African or Asian. These inventive geometrics are somewhat close to the ancient cultures but with a hint of modern times.

Go for butterflies

We usually encounter butterflies with our kids’ room but say no more! Butterflies symbolize grace and optimism, perfect for any place in your unit in Senta. These cute little insects also send off buoyant and happy motif in home designs. Few butterflies will make your place sophisticated, not childish, so nothing to worry about.

And a bit of artisan-crafted furniture

Top of the class glass, porcelain and woodworks are super on-trend this year. The craftsmanship and elegance these materials give would accentuate the beauty of your place. Raw white furniture is a good thing to put in your place.

Don’t forget to add your signature of designing and make use of what you currently have. It doesn’t mean that when something is trendy and stylish, you should go for it. Go for DIY and recycling, decorate while saving the environment. It will also save you a lot of money if you start to buy at garage sales and ukay-ukay or thrift shops. And on top of everything, decorate the way that satisfies your taste. Enjoy the process of conceptualization and have fun with the application!

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