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When, Where, and What to Shop this 2017

Are you looking for the new chic this year? Are you interested to know the best time you can buy them? Not only that, but are you also wondering where you can buy them? Well, worry no more because many famous international luxury brands are now in Manila, and they are here to assist you with everything that you need!

You can find countless Luxury brands in Manila in almost every corner of the Metropolitan. These are easy to find, and shoppers can be at ease during shopping because normally, these places are in the malls or private locations. One example is Baclaran. This place may be too crowded; luxury brands boutiques are still lurking there if you know where to look.

As to when to buy, sales are not always the best days to buys. This point is subjective. This will depend on your priorities as a shopper. Unfortunately for luxury brands in Manila, there are always the sunny and rainy seasons for a shopping spree. Do not worry, though. This article is going to feature the best days to buy depending on your priority as a shopper.

Below are three good items to buy in terms of luxury brands. Under these items are also the best time to buy them, including where to buy them.

1. Bags

Bags are always close to the hearts of not just women, but also of men. It is a blessing that Manila is so full of luxury stores. As for bags, Solaire Resort and Casino is the place to go. Their high-end shopping experience offers many of the world’s leading luxury brands for bags. Solaire Shoppes have Prada, Saint Laurent Paris, Givenchy, and Louis Vuitton to mention a few of luxury boutiques.

The best time to shop in Solaire is daily. Sales are a little bit rare in Solaire Shoppes because these are assumed to be high-end shopping. That is why the best to time to shop would be daily. That would be because it is never crowded there. You would enjoy you very own shopping experience there without the interruptions of common noisy shoppers.

If you also need durable, high-end traveling bags, the famous brand Rimowa is also in Solaire to offer you outstanding traveling bags in all sorts of forms. Rimowa is known for its durable and of quality traveling bags that do not fail expectations.

2.  Jewels

If there is one thing perfect for investment, that would be a piece of jewelry. If you are a wise shopper, you will not buy from your piece of jewelry investments from your friends. Normally, those cheap and affordable jewelry from common people are imported from different parts of the world and are presented to consumers as high-quality jewelry. If you do not want to be fooled, just go to the safest place to buy high-quality jewelry pieces: luxury brand boutiques.

Fortunately, BVLGARI graced Manila City with its presence in many malls around the area. To mention some, BVLGARI is present in Robinsons Place, Greenbelt 4, and in Solaire Resort and Casino. If as a shopper you prefer a lower price, you go to Robinsons Place and Greenbelt, of course. But if as a shopper you prefer peace, quite, and safety during shopping, you go to Solaire.

3. Sweets and Desserts

Majority of the humans in the world have a sweet tooth. We all crave for chocolates now and then, especially if we are stressed or broken-hearted. Well, even sweets and desserts have their own luxury brands and luckily, many can be found here in Manila.

Hail Patchi, the queen of all chocolate luxury brands. Patchi can be found in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig and Solaire Resort and Casino. Both of these Patchi branches are not crowded and provide few sale days. Do not forget to drop by when you can!

There are still countless luxury brands in Manila if you know where to look. As for common people, bags, sweets, and jewels are top on their list. That is why those are the top three on above’s list as well. If you happen to pass by these stores, do not forget to take a peek. You might as well find something in store for you!

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